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    Contact us at Big Olaf Dream
    Contact us at Big Olaf Dream
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    Handmade Waffle Cone

Our Expertise

Time to share some of our secrets

Family Owned and Operated for 25 Years!

All of our ice cream is handmade in batch freezers just like the good old days! We bring you the finest taste from the good old days

Creamery direct delivery to all of Florida, and also select locations in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio.

Create your own bubble waffle!

Bubble Waffles are CRAZY fun, really easy and completely delicious. They’re an egg waffle, almost custard-tasting, and can be eaten for breakfast, or made into AMAZINGLY fun ice cream sundae cones!

  • Select from the list of ingredients & make your own
  • Select from premade custom taste
  • Block a date for your treat


Know where we are

Big Olaf Creamery

The Story of Big Olaf

Big Olaf Ice Cream was born in 1982, in the sleepy little town of Siesta Village, just a hop and skip from the powdery white sands of Siesta Key Beach.
The little shop soon became famous. People came from far and wide for homemade waffle cones piled high with mounds of hand packed Ice Cream all made on location.
Dennis Yoder, founder of Big Olaf, was also Chief Ice Cream maker. Using White Mountain Ice Cream Freezers, he carefully designed recipes for traditional flavors like Vanilla and Butter Pecan. Next, he concocted tons of other hits like runaway best seller Kahlua Krunch and Amarretto Almond. Dennis utilized the freshest creams in the country and the highest quality ingredients for every single batch.
Nearly twenty-six years later, Big Olaf Creamery on Siesta Key is still going strong. In 2003, Tom Peachey joined the Big Olaf manufacturing team. Tom has forty years experience in the milk and dairy industry and serves as president of Big Olaf Creamery.
Our primary focus is to serve ice cream parlors with a full range of premium frozen products. The ice cream is made at a small creamery in Sarasota’s Amish village of Pinecraft. Every tub of Big Olaf Ice Cream is hand mixed with the finest ingredients and is then churned in batch freezers by local Amish Craftsmen.
The smooth, creamery consistency comes from two sources: attention to detail, and fresh, high butter fat (14%) milk.

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